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We Buy Houses Cash, You Sell Your Home Fast

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Quick cash offer FOR YOUR HOUSE


If you're looking to sell your house FAST in MEMPHIS ...

We can help. Chances are very good that you're looking to sell your house FAST in MEMPHIS and make some CASH.  Joplin66 is an investment entity and we're looking to buy houses in the Memphis area.


We Buy Houses cash - you sell your house fast

The immediate problems of owning a house in this today's economy are taxes, maintenance and utility. You know you don't own the house, even if there is no mortgage. Why? Because once you miss a payment on your taxes, your house can go into forclosure and you may end up losing it.

Another imminent danger in today's dog eats dog society is that you can lose your job, and likewise; you may face real possibilities to lose your home too.

Some other scenarios where you're a landlord, and you've cashed in enough over the years. Now you just don't want to deal with difficult tenants any more, and you really want to unload it with some cash for whatever needs you to feel you want to fill.

Life sometimes presents us with a lot of problems we don't anticipate and have enough cash on hands may be the only thing separates you from endless worries to sitting by the beach with Pinia Colada on hand.

According to Caniretireyet.com, average monthly cost to own a home is around $834.00. It's not a small amount. You can do a lot with $834.00 extra per month.

When you feel the voice urgently, within "I need cash FAST ..." it is time to seek out other fund-raising activities.

Let's, me introduce ourselves ...

We are grouped of investors who pool our resources to buy houses with real cash, and we buy houses fast. We do all the paper work, and we do not require you to fix your home or make it pretty for us to present you with an offer. You just fill out a short form on our site so our specialized agent can give you a call.

There are endless companies on or off line who offers you "deals" for your home. We suggest you give us an equal chance to offer you our special deal. You have all the freedom in the world to select our unique offer or turn it down. No hard feelings and no obligations.

The sooner you submit the request the sooner you'll sell your house.

We have over five years of experience in making crazy offers to our sellers. We want to provide our investors with a portfolio full of distinctive type of houses and distinctive of prices. So no houses will be turned down by our company.

Will you get a top offer for your home? No, in all honesty you would only get the top offer for your home if you take the time and sell it yourself or with the help of your chosen agents. The one advice we can give you, here is - if time is an essence, and you have to have cash NOW you may want to sell your house conventionally.

Of course in any market, there may be scammers that said they will offer you cash for your house and end up taking your money or don't give you what they said they would.

Do your homework and do due diligence about any company whom you want to do business with you ...

We advice that you want to fill out the form above to get the process started and make sure you ask all the necessary questions as well as referrals to be very certain we are the legitimate company.


If you are an individual seeking to make a move, and hoping to develop a quick sale, please contact Jared Vidales at 954-707-1295. Quickest way is to fill out the short form above, and he will talk with you, determine your needs, present our capabilities, and identify a course of action that is perfect for you.


You have our attention. We have contacts with real estate agents and brokers across the country and around the world. We'd be happy to do some preliminary legwork for you and present you with some good options to choose from in your destination city.

As mentioned previously, buying and selling real estate at our company does begin with our talented team. If you are an individual seeking to make a move, and hoping to make a good purchase, please contact Jared Vidales at 954-707-1295 or fill out the short form above. He will talk with you, determine your needs, present our inventories, and identify a course of action that is a right fit for you. 


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“It’s not what happens to you it’s what you do about it that makes the difference.” – Wilson Mitchell
“Here is a simple but powerful rule … always give people more than they expect to get.” – Nelson Boswell

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